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Sustainable + meaningful financial systems designed for you

Our science-based Human Wealth™ method brings harmony between your subjective wellbeing and financial assets.

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Material and environmental circumstances i.e. income, work situation and location.
The “intentional activities” you engage in: what you do, how you behave and how you view the events in your life.
Genetics, personality & early childhood environement.

Wealth is about wellbeing®

Your pursuit of money is motivated by your desire to live well and with meaning. However, research shows that only 10%1,2,3,4,5 of wellbeing is attributable to external conditions like income.

Our Human Wealth™ Plans account for the full range of the human experience – by employing diverse financial systems that support you in functioning with health and fulfillment.

Planning for now

Life is ever-changing and often unexpected. Scientists have identified eight life transitions proven to have a significant impact on your mental health and finances.

As certified Human Wealth™ Practitioners, our Wealth Advisors know how these transitions affect your wellbeing – and which financial systems will create the space you need to be present with them.

How we can help

Our firm has over 50 years of experience designing unique financial systems rooted in the needs of our clients. Our approach ensures synergistic effects between all our services.

Human Wealth™ Planning

The development of sophisticated financial systems intended to bring harmony between your assets and subjective wellbeing.

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Intentional Investment Management

A series of diverse investment portfolios intentionally designed to improve your financial security and increase your financial capability.

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Questions are encouraged

How much does it cost to work with WMBC?

Whether you are just starting out or require sophisticated strategies, our services are structured to accommodate your needs.

Personal Human Wealth™

$1,250 – $15,000 per quarter depending on the client’s net worth.

Organizational Human Wealth™

Our team will work with you to assess your needs and create a custom proposal.

Intentional Investment Management

Fees range from .58% – 1.45% depending on the number of assets managed. A retirement, education, and insurance (REI) analysis is included in your annual review.

Personal and Organizational Human Wealth™ clients will get a discount on Intentional Investment Management fees.

What type of financial systems does WMBC design?

Financial systems are customized to meet the unique needs of the individual or organization. Through your Human Wealth™ we will explore a wide range of systems including:

  • Retirement strategies
  • Estate structure and functioning
  • Risk mitigation
  • Business succession
  • Intergenerational wealth transfer
  • Special family needs
  • Revenue generation
  • Employee benefits

How do I get started?

Our process starts with you. Reach out to us by phone or email and a Wealth Advisor will schedule a complimentary meeting to gain a top-level understanding of your needs.

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