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Business Consulting

Whether the need is business succession or organizational design, WMBC can help your organization succeed for generations to come.


We work with you to set priorities, focus energy and resources, ensure that your team is working toward common goals, as well as assess and adjust the organization’s direction in response to a changing environment.

Tax Planning

Navigating the new tax law passed in 2017 will be extremely difficult. WMBC advisors have actively researched the new law, and will work with your tax consultants to review your corporate structure and strategies to make sure you can gain the greatest benefit.


We use a step-by-step methodology to identify dysfunctional aspects of your business organization,  generate solutions to realign them to fit current business realities/goals, and then develop plans to implement the new changes.

Business Succession

You may wish to keep your business in the family or sell it. Either way, careful planning can ensure your business will transfer from you and continue to run, while being protected from large, unexpected tax liabilities.

Employee Benefits

Our team is highly experienced in pension plan design and administration, disability insurance, life insurance, and health insurance plans. Our focus is to ensure management and employees receive the benefits they need.