Evan Coles

Director of Creative and Wellbeing

Evan Coles is the Creative Strategist behind WMBC and their team of professionals. Bringing his innate human-centric philosophy to the forefront of his professional endeavors, Evan co-created WMBC’s innovative Human Wealth Planning™. In a league of its own, Human Wealth Planning™ has been pivotal in designing wealth plans that allow the firm’s clients to live their lives in fulfillment now- not just in retirement. By addressing the full spectrum of an individual’s wellbeing, the system allows for advisors to have greater empathy for their clients and therefore create more creative and impactful financial systems.

When asked for his perspective, Evan says, “I believe that inclusion is a human right, creativity can be a group effort and that brainstorming is blameless.” Evan is motivated by diversity, the flow of momentum and fierce compassion. As a free thinker who values abstract thought, Evan has an uncanny ability of using a multidisciplinary approach to solve complex problems.

When Evan was given the opportunity to create a new brand identity for the company with the human-centric philosophy at its core, he shared, “As I peeled away layers of client experiences, I found their frustration was not resource-based, but the result of a lack of autonomy and personal contentment. As such, I spearheaded a paradigm shift in wealth management that reshaped the entrenched value from one of pure financial gain to one that recaptures our clients’ genuine needs.”⁣⁣

Evan graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising.

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