David Coles Announced as New President of WMBC

WMBC’s Founder Scott Coles recently celebrated 40 years in the wealth management industry, choosing to mark the pivotal milestone by appointing a new President, David Coles

After investing nearly 12 years at WMBC, David Coles has been appointed to his latest role of company President. This announcement follows the firm’s highly anticipated office relocation in June. David began his career at WMBC while finishing college and spent time earning advancement from each role he was given so that he could become an expert in every facet of the business. Throughout the years he worked closely with his father and WMBC Founder Scott Coles to understand the culture the firm had created and why it was a critical element to their success. As a visionary, who is driven to create systems and processes to see ideas brought to life, David has shown unwavering commitment to implementing elevated ways to serve their clientele and ultimately – keep their clients as the focal point. In an ever-changing world with a stressed global climate, and in an industry that has gotten far away from personalized service, David is steadfast in cultivating an environment that serves clientele at the highest level. Spearheading industry thought leadership himself as far back as 1980, Scott Coles is, and will remain, a pivotal part of the WMBC team. This thoughtful move will allow Scott to dedicate more time to his clientele, and to the development of new and innovative growth opportunities for WMBC.

News | July 15, 2020 | WMBC

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