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Think Retirement Is Only About Dollars and Cents? Think Again.

"WMBC...has developed a proprietary planning strategy, using a questionnaire developed by experts on well-being, data analysts, economists, and financial planners."

Human Wealth™ Welcomed into University of Connecticut's Technology Incubator Program

"Human Wealth™ was recently awarded a coveted spot in the University of Connecticut's Technology Incubator Program following an in-depth application process. "

WMBC Nominated for Family-Owned Business Awards

"Collectively, the Coles team shares a passion for service driven work. They have been devoted to giving back to their community, and to organizations they feel are making a dynamic impact."

Human Wealth™ Announces Design Partner Program

"Expanding their portfolio of specialized wealth advisors, Human Wealth™ is looking to onboard licensed and seasoned professionals embodying Human Wealth™ core values with a desire to bring Human Wealth™ planning to their clientele"

How To Reassess Your Finances To Align Your Money With What Makes You Happy

"When you’re reassessing your finances and updating your financial plan, it’s vital to consider the role money plays in your life and how it relates to your overall happiness. Each person’s relationship with their financial health is deeply intimate."

WMBC Relocates Headquarters Selecting Elevated Office Space in Irvine

"...the need for highly personalized financial planning services such as Human Wealth planning is projected to rise. Expanding with intention is of the highest importance to the WMBC team who desire to provide exceptional service and tailored results for each person they serve."

How to fix your broken client questionnaire

"So this year, WMBC along with behavioral professionals created a new questionnaire that addressed the client’s entire personal situation and even goes beyond money. The questionnaire probes clients’ emotions, health, external conditions and personal resources."

WMBC Champions Movement for Human Centric Wealth Planning

"Human Centric Wealth Planning is a signature tool utilized by WMBC's team of professionals to deeply understand each client, evaluate what they have, and create innovative financial systems rooted in the client's actual needs."

The New 199A Real Estate Tax Code

"As we are in the heat of tax season lots of talk has been circulating around 199A. A new section in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act allowing partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), S corporations, and sole proprietorships to deduct the sum of 20% of their qualified business income (QBI)."

WMBC Nominated for Excellence in Entrepreneurship

The Orange County Business Journal is proud to announce the 18th annual Excellence in Entrepreneurship Awards. This event is designed to recognize individuals who exemplify the American entrepreneurial spirit.

How to Know If Your Best Interests Come First

"Scott Coles, founder and president of WMBC based in Lake Forest, California in the foothills south of Los Angeles, said clients shouldn’t have to go to federal websites to get a copy of the ADV. He believes an advisor ought to provide the document without even being asked to do so."

WMBC Nominated for Family-Owned Business Award

Orange County Business Journal recognizes Orange-County-based family-owned firms that have distinguished themselves via their business, accomplishments and contributions to the local community.

Meet David Coles of WMBC in So Cal

"To make a greater impact on a client’s happiness and relationship with their money we decided to start with THEM. What makes up their well-being? If we could understand that, we could create more meaningful financial systems and not just fit them into solutions that WE decided they need to fit in."

Do you qualify for a 20% deduction on your business taxes?

"A 20 percent deduction on your real estate business taxes could provide you the capital to accelerate the growth of your company or provide better compensation to your employees."

WMBC Selected as First Human Wealth™ Practitioner

"Our firm is committed to providing the best possible solutions...which is why we are proud to be offering Human Wealth™ Plans for our clientele so they can be supported in their current experience of life.""