Wealth Planning

Our mission is to help individuals and families use wealth as a tool to promote well-being. Our planning process is modeled after NEF’s “Framework for Societal Progress.”  The framework illustrates that goals are achieved through systems, which depend upon the use of resources.6 By cultivating authentic relationships with our clients we are able to build a deep understanding of who they are and the resources they have available to them. With this understanding we create wealth plans that are efficient in promoting well-being. In order to ensure success, we use four metrics to measure and track each part of the process: Net Worth, Risk Number, Wealth Index Number and Well-being Number.


Resources include your health, income, assets, resilience and more. We determine your Net Worth and Risk Number which guide the parameters of your plan, and track the efficiency with which your resources are used.


The financial systems needed to meet your intermediate objectives, such as retirement or education, which are vital for achieving the goal of high well-being.6 We also define a Wealth Index Number as a benchmark for the growth necessary to meet your objectives.


The goal is human well-being. By utilizing the latest in subjective well-being research we define a Well-being Number that helps us understand the current status of your well-being, and show potential opportunities to increase it.

Your Wealth Advisor will work with you to craft a dynamic and trackable Wealth Plan that incorporates your unique objectives. Furthermore, your Advisor will review your plan with you annually to adjust as needed. Your Wealth Plan will explore areas such as:

  • Estate Planning
  • Taxation
  • Education
  • Budgeting
  • Retirement