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Intentional Investment Management

Intentionally placed investments can improve financial security through tax mitigation, asset growth, additional revenue streams, and more.
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Mickey Payne, PFP

VP of Investments

Alignment + Transparency

An impactful investment strategy must be rooted in your personal trajectory. An investment portfolio that aligns the why with the how increases the chances of efficiency and sustainability.

Our Wealth Advisors take a human-centered approach to management by cultivating a relationship of transparency first–ensuring that you understand how your investments are being structured to support your why.

Assessment + Adaptation

On an annual basis, you will meet with your Wealth Advisor to assess current portfolio performance and make any changes to meet your current personal landscape. Your investment review assesses areas such as:

  • Your resilience to market fluctuations
  • Your intermediate financial objectives
  • Your asset distribution timeline
  • Your investment portfolio performance
  • Any life events that may require financial support

Investment Portfolios

WMBC offers four distinct investment portfolios each with a specific approach to engaging the market. Depending on your circumstance and objectives your assets could be placed in one or multiple portfolios.

Accessibility + Security

Our Client Portal is included with all clients enrolled in Intentional Investment Management.


Financial Dashboard

A consolidated view of everything you own and owe, updated daily.

Vault Storage

Unlimited electronic document storage keeps your records safe and accessible.

Top Industry Security

A non-transactional website featuring 256-bit encryption.

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