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In balance

Human Wealth™ brings balance between your subjective wellbeing and financial landscape.
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Moving through the phases

Human Wealth™ is a science-based method that takes account of your subjective wellbeing and, with the support of your Wealth Advisor, translates that data into insights that will guide the design of your financial systems.

Discover wellbeing

Subjective wellbeing is how we feel and perceive ourselves, others, and our environment. Subjective wellbeing arises in the body as sensations, thoughts, or moods; each is a form of data that informs how we navigate our lives.

Cultivating awareness around your subjective wellbeing allows you to act with greater intention, resulting in a state of continuity and harmony.

Wellbeing composition

Recent advances in psychology and computer science have enabled us to create a visual representation of your subjective wellbeing called a composition.

Your Wellbeing Composition is the quantitative translation of your perceptions of areas of your life. This technology enables your advisor to monitor changes in your subjective wellbeing, allowing them to make timely adaptations to your plan.

Map Your Composition

Explore resources

As we encounter inevitable circumstantial change, we rely on our resources to make healthy transitions. These resources go beyond financial assets and include our social relationships and vitality. Through the Human Wealth™ method, we account for each of the three resource types to ensure synergistic support through transition periods.


Financial resources

  • Investments
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Income
  • Credit


Personal Resources

  • Health
  • Resilience
  • Optimism
  • Knowledge
  • Skills


Social Resources

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Professional
  • Community
  • Spiritual

Design systems

Financial systems are the processes needed to meet the intermediate objectives vital for supporting your wellbeing. There are many appropriate intermediate objectives; a stable and productive job, good housing, education, etc. These objectives are reflections of underlying motivations to achieve a better life.

Your Wealth Advisor will investigate areas of estate structure, taxation, risk management, business succession, investment management, special family needs, and more.

Implement plan

Proper plan implementation may require changes to how you interact with your resources or behavior. In the process you may experience frustration; this is normal.

However, as we develop our relationship and your wealth practice – you will feel supported through the implementation.

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