Ending The Cycle of More

“We spend our lives chasing shiny objects; people, gadgets, status, money. None of which are inherently bad in themselves, however, that ceaseless movement, that reaching outside of ourselves for more, keeps us perpetually dissatisfied. This longing for what we don’t have is painful. We call this movement the cycle of more, and we are proud to see our signature approach through Human Centric Wealth Planning providing value and fulfillment for people to live their best life now.” – Evan Coles, Creative Strategist

The cycle of more is natural and woven into the fabric of our lives; from the subtle craving for a chocolate to our inalienable right for the pursuit of happiness. This is why capitalism works so well with human beings because it feeds on our inherent sense of lack, and promises satisfaction through things and experiences. Harvey Mansfield, an American political philosopher and government professor at Harvard, wrote, “…economics is about calculation. A calculation is a deliberation that focuses on a number, a ‘metric,’ of more, of a greater quantity. It avoids the questions of how much more is needed before one can decide [to] stop acquiring and turn to enjoyment… [Therefore,] economics becomes the science of getting more without ever saying how much more.”

When we fail to recognize we have enough or fail to see the cost that our ‘pursuit for more’ is having on our well-being, we may end up causing ourselves and others suffering.

Human Centric Wealth Planning was developed to assist men and women in understanding this movement while bringing balance back to their lives. The process begins with the creation of a Well-being Profile which covers various aspects of the client’s well-being including social relationships, work-life balance, emotions and more. The Well-being Profile reveals the parts of a client’s well-being that are flourishing and those that may be suffering; allowing the client to identify and prioritize which parts they want to focus on in their Human Centric Wealth Plan. Then together, the team at WMBC and each client create a plan that is designed to yield greater harmony, complete with the financial systems to support it.

Tips | February 22, 2019 | WMBC

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