The Wealth is About Well-being Event Synopsis

A Glance Back At The Event

Investment Portfolios Review

Last year was another great year for the stock market with the S&P 500 posting double digits returns yet again. 2017 was also the first full year of our new WMBC Core Series investment portfolios and of our partnership with LTAM with their portfolios. We are happy with the returns of both programs. You can see that they performed well against their respective benchmarks.

Our conservative portfolios performed well against the Barclays US Govt/ Intermed Portfolio Benchmark.

Our moderate risk portfolios also performed well against their benchmark, which is the Morningstar Moderate Portfolio. You can see the WMBC Core Series Growth & Income portfolio out performed the benchmark by nearly 2%.

Last, our growth and aggressive portfolios. International markets performed very well last year, and our global growth portfolio out performed the S&P 500 by over 2.5% while taking on less than 80% of the risk.

The bull market that we are experiencing has been one of the longest in history. We know that the markets will correct down. Therefore, we feel it is important to ensure you understand how your investments are structured to weather down markets and take advantage of up markets. We recommend you meet with your advisor to ensure your portfolio is invested in a way suitable to your needs and risk tolerance. Find out your risk tolerance by getting your Risk Number below.

Our Mission To Promote Well-being

At the event we revealed our mission to help individuals and families use wealth as a tool to promote well-being, and have adopted a new logo to symbolize the evolution. To support our mission we have designed a new well-being centered planning process utilizing new components including:

To learn more about our new Wealth Plan process download the free booklet below or visit our Wealth Planning page.

Company Updates | March 7, 2018 | Evan Coles

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